This site started as my documentation site. It's main purpose was to put all my stuff together in one place and, hopefully, be able to find it again. Much of this will be about Drupal. However this site seems to be evolving to also contain some of my more public information as well. I hope you find what you're looking for, if not let me know.

You will find information here about my web design and hosting services. If you're considering building a web site and looking for a host, please check my Services< page.

The contact form and comments are enabled even for visitors who are not logged in. This site is using Drupal. For bandwidth considerations, I have enabled caching for visitors and CSS compression.


For the most part, I do not intend to allow others to post new content here. Feel free to leave comments, though. However, if the case is a good one, I will sign you up for an account. Feel free to contact me<.

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