Creating a Blog entry

Blog entries are a little different. Assuming you enabled the "Blog" module, you should see a "My blog" entry in your navigation menu. When you click on that, there will be a "Post new blog entry" link on that page.

If the blog is a diary, you probably want to use the date for the title.

If it's a collection of thought, give it a meaningful title.

Type in the content of the entry.

Your blog will always show the most recent entries on the beginning page when visitors view it.


Book, Child...


Congrats. Nice website.

Let me see if I understand you right. A book page (node) is like Adam (of eve). Highest level. Then you attach child(s) and these childs are also nodes. Any node can have children node except the book page.

So any node which does not have a parent is a book page.

To understand this in the book context, one starts with a book page and keep adding other pages to it make a Book. Each of those pages in turn can have more pages. When all the children are exhausted to be added for another child, one needs to move to the next node.

When there are no more child for a book page, the book is ready for publication????


All content types create nodes. A node is the basic "container" for content in Drupal. Pages and stories are also nodes.

A book page is intended to be like the trunk of a tree - it begins, or holds up, everything else. Child pages are like the branches, and the can also have child pages, much like tree branches can have branches.

Much like a growing tree, the "book" is published (or can be) as soon as the trunk, or first book page, is created. It may then sprout branches, but it will still be living (published). That first page is what defines the book.

In actuality, all child pages are still considered to be book pages. The difference is that a "child page" already has the hierarchy set for you. You can create another book page and specify where in the hierarchy it is to be attached, and it will become a child page. Furthermore, any other page (or story) can be attached to the book with the "Outline" tab.

This helps. Thanks

This helps. Thanks