Links and IMG

Yes, you can link between pages in Drupal. It's the same as not having Drupal, except the name may be wierd if you're not using the Path module (URL Aliasing).

The biggest mistake people make is not knowing that there needs to be a leading slash ("/"). Omitting this will probably cause a "404:Page not found" error and, depending on which browser you're using, additional problems, like being logged out.

My home page on this site is node #4, so a link to it would look like this: <a href="/node/4">Home</a><, but with URL Aliasing turned on, I can also code it like this: <a href="/home">Home</a><

The picture on the "Accessing Your Site" page is created with this tag: <img src="/files/pictures/Docs/WDP.jpg" align="right" hspace=1><


On using the leading slash

You say that there needs to be a leading slash, and that omitting it is a mistake. I have followed the instructions on Drupal's page for setting up a test site<, which suggests a directory public_html/test_site.

When I do this, the leading slash makes the the links on test_site pages skip back to the live site. For example: linking to public_html/about with "/about" from public_html/contact works fine on the live site, but on the test site this becomes linking to public_html/test_site/about with "/about" which takes me to public_html/about, skipping from test site back to live.

If I leave the trailing slash off in live site, I do not have problems with 404 Not Found, and it does work then on the test site linking to other test site pages. However you call this the "biggest mistake people make", so I wonder if instead of omitting the leading slash, if there is some way I can take care of this linking in a test site subdirectory?

Thanks, Rachel


I haven't used sub-sites in a long time. I suspect that you would need to include the sub-folder as part of the link.