You enable a theme at Administer>>Site building>>Themes<

If it has never been enabled on this site, you will have to check the "enable" box and then click the "Save configuration" button at the bottom.

To set up how the theme works, click on the "Configure" link< (not the tab at the top).

Fill in the fields.

Save the configuration.

Don't leave the page yet.

Logo and Favorite Icon

Now use that "Configure" tab

I prefer to do this part under the "Global Settings" but it can be done theme-by-theme if you prefer.

The "Default Logo" is that little picture (usually) in the upper left corner of the page. For example, on the "Bluemarine" theme, it's the Drupal logo.

If you want to change it, here's how:

  1. First, find out what size it is because you'll want your own logo to be about the same.
  2. Theme NameWidthHeight
  3. Under "Logo image settings" either type in the path to your logo, or upload it from your PC.
  4. Note: Neither one of those options turns off the "Use default logo" radio button. You must select the correct radio button yourself.
  5. The "Shortcut icon" (a.k.a. the favorite icon, or "favicon.ico") is the same way. If you want to change this, you must specifically say, "Hey, Drupal, I'm changing this."

Now you click the "Save configuration" button. If you did this in "Global settings" it affects all themes (assuming they behave properly); if you did it for a single theme, then only that theme is changed.

For a list of all available themes, check Themes<.

HINT: Going to make a few (or a lot) of changes to a standard theme? Think about copying it over to your /sites/sitename/themes/< folder and renaming it. Then you can do anything you want and still be able to undo it easily by recopying. If the changes ae a bit bigger, think about contributing it back to the community (with your name, of course).



great help

Great tutorial for newbies to drupal.

What about non-core themes?

What about non-core themes? Thanks! Your site is neat!

Up to you

Unfortunately, I don't have the time to check out every theme. However, it is not hard to look at the image that comes with you theme and see how big it is. Many themes will adjust to however big you want to make it.