A. Installation and Styling


The Site Documentation module installs in the standard manner. I put it in the "sites/all/modules" directory so that it's available to all of my sites.

The module provides a menu entry in the Administration >> Site building< section to execute it according to the current settings. The settings menu entry is in the Administration >> Site Information< section; the settings are saved in a system variable as an array (a model I hope other module developers will copy).

The installation routines log a message that the module was installed and establish the default settings. The uninstall function deletes the system variable, clears the cache, and logs a message. [Hint: To easily reset to the default settings, disable and re-enable the module.]

Styling (CSS)

The distributed CSS includes styles for the settings page. They produce a more compact page. Feel free to change them to fit your preferences.

All the report sections are wrapped with <. These are not included in the delivered CSS, but you may add them if you feel the need to override the styling produced by your theme.


There is only one permission that controls both the viewing and administration: view site documentation<.