Adding Hidden Design or How To notes in Your Database

Ever design a site and happen on a nifty trick that you may want to use again? You wrote it down and lost the paper, didn't you.

You designed a great site for someone else, and the first thing they do is call you up and say "How do I do...?"

You can't remember all the modules, themes, and CSS changes you made and it's time to upgrade...

You'd love to put all that stuff on the web site, some place easy to find, but safe from casual hackers...

Well, here you go... Introducing SiteNotes. A simple module lots of uses.

SiteNotes introduces a new content type, called, coincidentally, "sitenotes." But wait... there's more... It also creates a menu item in the Admin, Site building menu, where it's available only to privileged users. It's even protected by Access Control.

So now all those little Post-Its™ and other scraps of paper can go right into your database where you can find them again.

Create "How To" notes for your users, theme changes, CSS modifications, special code notes, and keep them safe AND available.

This offer is not available in stores. Right now, it is only available from me<. [Don't worry, powers-that-be, I have started the process of making this a legitimate contributed module.]