How to Link to this Site

If you'd like to link to us from your relevant site, we'd welcome it. It's really very simple.

  1. Right click on this picture. Choose "Save Picture As" and put it in your site's photo directory with the name "nanwichlogo.gif."
  2. Copy and paste the following code to your linking page.
     <a href="" target=_blank>
    <img src="/pics/nanwichlogo.gif" border="0" width="43" height="100" alt="Nancy's Information"><br>
    Nancy's Information</a><
    Change "/pics/" to your directory name.
  3. Upload the picture and updated page to your site.

Thanks for linking to us. Let me know you did it.<


Thanks you

I founded on your fine, superb, useful module: Taxonomy List!
It is EXACTLY that I needed for a stupid but hard (to me) table of abbreviations.
But as soon as I will use it as main core of my next site map page.
Thanks with all my best congratulations.
My wife is in trouble a bit for my enthusiastic appreciation, but it is. ;-)
I have no time at this moment, but when I can I will make a page of credits with your site at first post (above drupal, obsiouvly) ;-)

Bye Nancy, have a nice w.e. and good job!

Sorry for my very bad italian english.


You're welcome

For abbreviations, you might also look at the Glossary module.