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Verry usefull!

Blogroll and import links

Hi there - I'm very glad I found your site! I've been blogging using Drupal for a while now and am just moving to a better server and using the opportunity to update things and set up new modules.

I was looking for some kind of comparison between the Links and Web Links modules. I have several needs I would like to meet:

1. Over time I've developed quite a long list of blogs and feeds I check that I would call a "blogroll". At the moment they are managed in my feed reading software but it can export OPML lists and I would like to be able to import these to become a list of links in Drupal that I can output in categorized blocks and possibly pages (thought nmost of them have no body text anyway).

2. I want to add ad hoc links to individual blog posts on sites I watch - so they are not part of the blogroll but will simply output blocks sending traffic to posts I have found interesting elsewhere.

3. Then there is the need to extract and list links in the body of my own posts and display them a little like a bibliography.

It seems to me that numbers one and two are best done by your module - web links - that the ad hoc links are just a particular category of web link and that perhaps nmber three is best done with the links package. Does that make sense? Or can I do all of these with your module?

Finally, is there a good way of importing by OPML file to create web link module nodes and categorize them according to the groups they are in in my OPML file?

Hope you can help...


Sorry, this got buried in

Sorry, this got buried in all the spam posts.

We already have an issue in the Weblinks queue to support blogrolls; I'm not sure when it might get done. In the meantime, teh recently added "Related" block might suffice.

For a comparison of the links modules, please check Comparison of links page modules<.

For the other things, please feel free to submit a feature request on the Weblinks module<.

I think so

It is on the TODO List, but we currently have no way to verify that the remote site actually links back to the home site, which blogrolls usually require. However, I think the other requirements can be done.

As for #3, there is the Weblinks_Filter add-on module that comes with Weblinks. With it, you can use a pseudo-tag to insert a weblink into your text.

Place Web Links on pages tagged with taxonomy terms

Web Links is very, very cool, but I'm not sure if I can make it work for a specific need...

...wondering if Web Links will do this... I'm:

1>>Setting up a book with approx 100 pages
2>>Assigning a taxonomy term for each page
3>>Assigning a taxonomy term for each link (multiple select)
4>>Three types of "links" (groups?) each in a different block (member only, premier, related) to show at the bottom of each page (content bottom) each link assigned to one group (output is inline - a text field, and URL_link with Link Name)
5>>I want the "links" (within the blocks) to appear only on the pages where their taxonomy term(s) are equal to the taxonomy term of the page.

Is Web Links the best module to use to achieve this?

...Drupal 6.5


This could be done with Web Links. Whether it is the best, I'm not sure - I suspect there may be better ways.

Are the terms hierachical? That is if it is "member only" is it also "premier" and "related".

You can place a link in multiple groups simply by selecting them when creating the link. And the block can be set up to display individual groups.