SBS Web Site Notes

This is the beginning of my thoughts about redesigning the SBS web site.

Data Diagram


  1. Members by state (from map) 3-up grid view.
  2. Meetings by date
  3. Special meetings by date
  4. Meetings by state, city (location)
  5. Attendees for special meetings
  6. Member-in-waiting (MIW) list (status=0, meetings=0)
  7. MIW for how long
  8. Member status=3 list
  9. Unapproved meeting reports (status=0)
  10. Meetings by member
  11. Non-Members (status=-1) list
  12. Members achieving 25 for first time (maybe a monthly report)

Special Functions

  1. Add a new member
  2. Review members with status=-1 to become regular members
  3. Meeting_type maintenance
  4. Cluster maintenance
  5. State maintenance
  6. Meeting approval or request for more info


  1. To gain a credit, each meeting must be entered separately.
  2. One credit is given for a meeting unless a special meeting entry exists and is selected. [separate access permission?]
  3. Pictures will be organized by state, city, and date.
  4. User pictures go into members directory.




  1. Member enters meeting information, attendees, pictures.
  2. If attendee is not found in members table, ask submitter to try again. [Show list?]
  3. If submitter says "accept anyway," add new member with status=-1.
  4. Save entry as unapproved.


  1. Review meeting record.
  2. If all okay, approve. If not, contact submitter to fix.

Member Moves

  1. Membership Chair changes member's state.

New Member

Achievement Levels

Meeting Approval

  1. When meeting is approved, program saves current meeting count and gets new meeting count for each attendee.
  2. Check count against levels table.
  3. If the next achievement level has been reached (or exceeded), by this meeting, use text to create an announcement.
  4. Add announcement to achievements table.


  1. Membership Chair publishes achievements [and clears achievements table?].

Special Meetings

  1. Webmistress (WM) verifies the settings.
  2. If special cluster award is to be used, create it and add it to cluster table.
  3. WM enters new record in meeting_type table.



Field Type/Length Index Description
bid autonumber primary member number
first_name string/50 yes member's first name
last_name string/50 yes member's last name
state pointer yes to state table
picture pointer no to files
contact email address no? used on member page
website url no member's web site url, used on member page
create_date date no date member added


Comment: linking table between members and meetings

Field Type/Length Index Description
aid autonumber primary attendee id
mid pointer yes to meetings table
bid pointer yes to members table


Field Type/Length Index Description
mid autonumber primary meeting number
type pointer no? to meeting_type table
location pointer yes to location table
date date yes date of the meeting
summary long string no summary of the meeting
status boolean no whether the meeting has been approved


Comment: contains additional information about meetings

Field Type/Length Index Description
tid autonumber primary type id
name string/50 no they name of the type of meeting
cluster pointer no to cluster table
award integer/small no how many meeting credits to award for this type of meeting


Comment: linking table between meetings and pictures

Field Type/Length Index Description
pid autonumber primary to files
mid pointer yes to meetings table
filename string/255 no name of file where picture is stored


Comment: table about meeting locations

Field Type/Length Index Description
lid autonumber primary location id
city string/100 yes / with state name of the city where the meeting was held
state pointer yes / with city to state table


Field Type/Length Index Description
state string/50 primary name of the state or country


Comment: used to produce achievement announcements

Field Type/Length Index Description
level integer/small primary number of meetings attended
text string/255 no text for achievements announcement


Comment: text of announcments to be published by webmistress

Field Type/Length Index Description
id autonumber primary achievement id
text string/255 no message to be published

Potential Modules

  • CCK<
  • Contemplate
  • Views
  • Events
  • Minutes?
  • Actions
  • Image
  • Image Upload
  • Image Path
  • Organic Groups
  • Location / Location API
  • Date API
  • MySite/PageBuilder?