Web design

In addition to my building web sites, I am a certified project manager by training. So no matter how big or small the project, I can manage it.

Powerful, cost-effective web sites. I design powerful yet easy to use dynamic web sites using a content management system (CMS) called Drupal. It allows me (and you, the client) to easily maintain a web site. It is very versatile and extensible - you can add features e.g. a photo gallery or a discussion forum, to it by simply adding a specific module. It is also open source, thereby saving you the cost of yearly licensing fees.

With my background as a trained and certified IT project manager, I am capable of ensuring that your site is delivered on time and within budget. I have access to a large pool of experts to fill in what ever gaps there might be in my knowledge.

Domain registration & setup. I will also help in getting your domain name (eg. registered, as well as getting in touch with a company that will do the hosting of your web site - your web site will be uploaded to their computers and made available to everyone on the internet. My web sites are registered with and are hosted with Other very good hosting companies are HostMonster,,, and (see my write-up on searching for a new host). I will work with any company you prefer, as long as they will work with me.

For a smallish web site, I have my own reseller account and can host your site under my account. The fees are very affordable for that (as little as $50 per year, including the domain name).

Helping you to help yourself. If, like some of my clients, you are interested in updating your own site, I can provide training to enable you to do this. With Drupal, it is as simple as logging into the web site, going to the page you want to edit, and changing the text on it. When you submit your changes, the page is instantly updated. Adding new content to your site is just as simple.

I always include notes on the web site itself that document what I've done that is not "basic Drupal." This includes "How To" articles that you ask for or that I feel are needed. These site notes will be hidden from everyone except those who have administrative privileges, like you.

What have I done? You can have a look at some of the projects that I have done for other clients by browsing the portfolio. For modules that I've created, check this list.



  • $80 per hour.
  • Minimum of 25% of the initial estimate up front (this is required because of too many times being not paid after the work was done).
  • Actual expenses for tools, services, etc, that are required to complete the task. If a tool is useful to more than one site, the cost will be prorated based on that potential.


  • $60 per hour, prepaid.
  • $240 per month minimum maintenance fee (if needed; covers the first four hours).

(Changes to the web site once it is up and running will be charged according to the complexity of the work required.)

A Word About My Hours

Due to my circumstances, it is not uncommon for me to be interrupted during the day. If I cannot devote quality time to your project, I do not charge the time, even if you derive some benefit at that point.

If you want someone who works a rigid 9:00 to 5:00 five days a week, you've got the wrong girl. I work when I can. If that means I'm working at 10:00 at night, that's when I work. Will you get 40 hours a week from me? Probably not - I usually work even more than that. But it is also possible that I am working on more than one project at a time, so it is possible that you won't get a whole 40 hours in any given week. This is true of any employee in any company.