Streamline Fence of NC, Inc.


Streamline Fence of NC, Inc.< had some serious problems with their web site and needed it fixed in a hurry. They also wanted it cleaned up and some additional content created.

The site uses primary links in the header for navigation. If you visit, check out the "Products" page to see a sample of the embedded secondary navigation menu which appears only if the primary menu item has children.

They also wanted the look of a fixed width theme (e.g. "white" space on the sides, or indented content), but also for it to be fluid with the user's window size. This was accomplished with a customized theme.

In order to allow me to embed usage and administration notes for the owner's eyes only, I created a custom module.

As a result of this, I got the nod to redesign the entire parent corporate site, which will include e-commerce design.