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MacCormick Software, Ltd.
Charlotte, NC
October, 2005 - Present
Web design service.
Senior Web Developer / Owner
Build and maintain web sites for personal and group uses, using Drupal (open source) content management system. Contributed to global Drupal documentation and support.

Clients included a leader in employment screening, a major dance studio, an advertising advocacy site, a web services/hosting company, churches, several social issue support groups, and various social networking sites. These were run as projects with risk and change management, budgets, schedules, etc. Microsoft Project was used to organize the larger projects.
Sports Team Logic.
Concord, MA
April, 2009 - Present
Information for Youth Sports Parents.
Chief Technologist
Assumed ongoing maintenance of this large Drupal 5 site, heavily using Panels, Nodequeue, and Views. The original design was very "tender" and the site needed much updating. Consulted on updating the site and expanding into other areas of the subject matter.
The Politicus
Washington, DC
September, 2011
First fully integrated, politically based, user-generated social network on the web.
Web Developer
Updated site, made several improvements.
Control House, Inc.
Chanhassen, MN
September, 2011
Manufacturers' representative for a broad range of industries with applications in research and development, process instrumentation, environmental compliance, safety and industrial hygiene, HVAC, and metrology.
Web Developer
Moved to new host, updated site, made several improvements.
Boston Public Schools
Boston, MA
February, 2011 - April, 2011
Web Developer
Contract to upgrade the site from Drupal 5. Assessed the architecture of the site and the readiness of the required contributed modules. We decided that upgrading to Drupal 7 was not feasible at the time, so we decided to rebuild the site on Drupal 6 with an eye on later going to Drupal 7. Replaced the theme with custom Zen-based sub-theme. Replaced the menus with more standard menus displayed with Superfish, also providing correct sidebar menus and breadcrumbs. Replaced theme hard-coding with proper sidebars and blocks. Eliminated custom node theming so that standard theming could be used, thereby exposing all CCK fields through standard means. Corrected and updated many Views and CCK content types that did not convert correctly.

Called back twice for additional features.

Forrester Research, Inc.
Cambridge, MA
January, 2010 - December, 2010
Market Research / Consulting.
Web Developer
Built a large multi-user blogs site in Drupal 6, heavily customized to Marketing requirements. Worked with the project manager to ensure that requirements were stated and met and that issues were dealt with in a timely manner. Wrote more than 25,000 lines of PHP code to customize the user experience. The Zen-based theme was configured to somewhat emulate the main company site, while being more dynamic and directed the user to easily navigate the site.
Self-employed February, 2004 - October, 2005
Caring for terminally ill spouse and elderly parent.
Selling on online auction sites. Developing and operating e-commerce store.
T. M. Floyd and Company
Columbia, SC
September 2002 - February, 2004
A leading supplier of support to the health care insurance industry.
Project Leader
As project leader on a project for a major health insurance company to electronically pay (EFT direct deposit) health care providers for services, researched, developed business requirements, organized the project design, authored the project documents (Scope, Design, Implementation, weekly Status, etc.), scheduled and facilitated project meetings (both IS and Customer), initiated and reviewed test plans, and created, adjusted, and lead the project plan, built in NIKU, according to company standards and SDLC methodology, scheduled and facilitated the weekly project meetings, wrote and delivered executive and customer presentations. Also responsible for refining and revising methodology and documentation standards. Built MS Access database and web site to assist with controlling and publishing project information. Responsible for maintaining resource utilization (27 people), change control, risks, issues, schedule, and budget. Reported status to the PMO, and adjusted this project schedule, so that all PMO projects were coordinated. The project was completed on schedule and budget.
IBM Global Services
Bethesda, MD (Endicott, NY)
May 1998 – June 2002
The world's recognized leader in total systems solutions
Project Manager
Performed as Project Manager on two Year 2000 projects for a major utility company, using IBM's Y2K methodology. Assembled the project team (9), including hiring subcontractors, developed and managed the project schedule and resources. The projects were completed early and under budget.

Chosen to lead a mainframe transition project for a managed operations outsourcing. Used IBM's Managed Operations methodology, centered on MS Project. Remotely directed a large 40+ group of technical experts from several divisions; completed the short-runway project on schedule and budget. Developed and managed project plan, resource utilization, budget, risks, and changes. Scheduled and facilitated weekly status meetings. Participated in weekly PMO status updates. Extended to lead a follow-on project to convert an imaging environment; developed project schedule, built team (8), defined the process. Despite contract delays, completed ahead of schedule and within budget, raising customer satisfaction. Configured and procured new servers and upgrades and directed the installation of RS/6000, Netfinity, and PC servers for the 1,800 PCs in 3 sites across the country. Took over troubled procurement and inventory functions and quickly put them back on track with new processes. Configured and ordered Netfinity servers, controlled inventory, configuration customization, and deployment with a team of 9 people in three sites.

Joined an e-business project call center, managed operations for a new power company as the PMO program planner, to consolidate, adjust, and track project plans (MS Project) and time sheet approvals every week. Assisted in setting up data center operations and procedures. Developed issues tracking process in Lotus Notes.

Lead the overall Enterprise System Management project for a federal government agency. Developed a consolidated program schedule showing the 8 ongoing projects with vendor and customer teams of 40+ people at 14 sites. Wrote and clarified proposals to the customer, gaining new business. Presented the need for and helped design a change control process in Lotus Notes.

On another government project, converting from CC:Mail to Lotus Notes, was Configuration and Quality Management manager, using IBM's World Wide Project Management Methodology, which used MS Project. We converted 57 post offices down to 12, covering some 300 sites and 1,200 PCs, additionally all operating systems were standardized to Windows 2000. Established change and quality processes for deliverables (CDRL's); monitored change requests. Configured and ordered PCs and wrote procedures for data centers (8) installation teams. Wrote proposals gaining new business. Assisted in Disaster Recovery planning.

Visa International
Foster City, CA
April 1995-April 1998
The world's largest payments system, including credit card authorization, clearing and settlement services, automated clearinghouse second in size only to the US Federal Reserve, and other financial services.
Project Leader
Began as Senior Systems Analyst on the China system spin-off project. Moved to the Scaleable Processor Project to evaluate Payments Systems software performance on the IBM P/390 platform. Planned the evaluation, obtained the required personnel and resources.

Moved to lead the Year 2000 Project to upgrade the Clearing System. Using VISA's internal SDLC methodologies, established the plan, hired subcontractors, coordinated with other maintenance groups, including an offshore development group, and interfaced with the corporate project office. Chosen to be the Division Coordinator for all Y2K representing 13 million of the 14 million lines of assembler code to be changed at VISA. As a result, was promoted to Project Leader.

Bay Area Pool Leagues
Sunnyvale, CA
March 1994 - November 1997
A franchise of the American Poolplayers Association, the world's largest association of amateur pool players.
Owner / League Operator
Wrote the start-up business plan. Promoted and operated league play. Built and fostered relationships with location owners to allow league play on their premises. Recruited teams and taught the APA's rules. Purchased and managed computer system. Administered the league through specialized software and interfaces with headquarters. Designed and implemented pioneering Web presence.
CITGO Petroleum Corporation
Tulsa, OK
1985- 1994
A 10B petroleum refining and marketing company; the U.S. arm of Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A., 3rd largest petroleum corporation in the world. CITGO is the 2nd largest petroleum product marketer in the U.S.
Manager of Special Projects 1991 - 1994
Promoted to General Manager's staff to rescue a floundering project to develop and oversee the processes of moving application systems from development to production. Scrapped existing plans for the department; developed new strategic and tactical plans and procedures. Reviewed deliverables for quality, supplied supplemental manpower, and coordination and mediation between the groups. Developed and modified production schedules for new applications and to improve performance of existing systems. Interviewed end users to discuss IS image problems, develop strategies to solve problems, and to discover unidentified opportunities. The original goal was to be 50% complete by year’s end; we finished with more than 70%.

Participated on several quality improvement teams, using continuous improvement methodologies. Lead project to provide distributed print services from any platform to any printer in the network. Became the primary consultant and teacher on Microsoft Project.

Proposed and defended data center consolidation project, Later assumed project leadership in order to maintain progress. Using a PMI-like methodology, planned the merger of the computer workloads, directed all appropriate personnel 30 directly / 50+ indirectly, marshaled executive support, selected consulting assistance, and realigned job responsibilities of approximately 15 affected workers. Wrote and managed project plan and new operations procedures. Developed original LPAR configurations. The project was completed on time and on budget.

Manager of Computer Systems Software 1985 - 1991
Planned and lead the installation of MVS/XA and migration to new CPUs. Directed six other systems engineers, arranged their training, and coordinated their efforts. Developed strategies and plans for the migration. Directed workload consolidation efforts from 3033 and Amdahl V7 onto 3081. Wrote and maintained operations procedures. Migration completed ahead of IBM's estimate. Developed one year plans and assisted manager on three-year plan.

Assumed responsibility for 9 systems programmers/administrators responsible for mainframe and RS/6000 servers. Provided capital, expense, travel, and training budgets, and managed in excess of $3MM in budgets; administered compensation policies. Developed strategic and tactical plans for the department, resulting in greater productivity and less disruption.

Converted from ACF2 to RACF security; developed initial procedures and managed security settings. Established disaster recovery plans and directed tests. Built a business case to upgrade to a non-IBM mainframe, and successfully defended that case to corporate management. Negotiated hardware upgrades to provide more power and storage while reducing expenses. Instrumental in testing of various PC and network products.

Improved staff quality through promotions, recruitment, termination, coaching / counseling, and development plans. Staff members promoted to other supervisory positions. Reviewed contracts and recommended changes before legal review.

Hilti, Inc.
Tulsa, OK
The U.S. subsidiary of an international fastening systems manufacturer.
Systems Programmer
Planned and lead conversion to MVS from DOS; defined the plan, managed team (12) resources. Performed pilot conversion of legacy applications. Established change and problem management procedures. Trained operations and programming staffs. Planned and directed installation of nationwide terminal network. Directed two other systems programmers' work. Provided software budget figures and drafted Technical Services one- and three-year plans.
United American Service Corp.
Knoxville, TN
A banking services company providing computer service, check processing, and bookkeeping to over 36 banks across Tennessee and Kentucky.
Senior System Programmer
Responsible for the new IBM installation at bank service center. Wrote plans to install systems, convert applications from Burroughs equipment, and operations procedures. Developed and implemented distributed processing plans and procedures. Wrote hardware RFPs.
S.C. Department of Mental Health
Columbia, SC
A state agency to address mental health needs.
Software Systems Support Technician
Responsible for significant portion of systems conversion project. Instructed operations staff; taught technical subjects to development staffs. Developed computer usage billing procedures.
University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC
A state sponsored center of higher education.
Teaching Assistant
Taught undergraduate classes and labs. Also assisted in research projects and manuscript preparation.


B.S. - Physics - University of South Carolina 1971. Minors: Computer Science (intensive), Mathematics. 1 year graduate study in Physics.
CertificationsPMP, CDP

CITGO - VITAL Level 1&2, Continuous Improvement of Quality (Conway). Improving Management Performance And Change Tracking, Xcellence, Unix System V for Administrators (AT&T)

IBM - Leadership in a Project Team Environment; Executing, Controlling, and Closing Projects; Applied Planning and Scheduling; Contracting For Project Managers; Financial Management For Project Managers; Proposal Development; e-business Mobilization; Applied Project Management in a Customer Environment; Quality Management for Project Managers; Lotus Notes Application Development